World Youth Day



The 2008 World Youth Day

The scale of the 2008WYD paled compared to the Olympics from 8 years earlier, but for TVi there was an even greater level of involvement, for a number of reasons. One, as well as assisting in the field with drivers and field producers the Vaticanisti (the RAI journalists specialised in the complex ways of the Vatican), this time TVi had supplied equipment and operational staff for both picture acquisition and editing. Especially elusive had proved the Betacam SX machine-to-machine editing suites favoured at the time by RAI Operations - a format no longer mainstream in Australia at the time of the event.

Another reason was that TVi's Claudio Paroli was also reporting live on a daily basis for RAI International, a task that required finding different stories from those reported by the Vaticanisti, with angles more suited to the mission of RAI's international channel.

Also, TVi was assisting Sat2000, the satellite television of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (that is, the "government" of the Italian Catholic Church) providing interpreters, field producers, production assistants and drivers while liaising with the local outside broadcast facilities supplier.

Both for RAI and for Sat2000 TVi worked closely with Sydney Teleport Services, Eurovision's local correspondent, on satellite windows for the live events and the management of equipment.

Sat2000 had daily news operations, largely self-sufficient, out of the IMBC at Darling Harbour, but also an ambitious 2-hour live concert from the Sydney Entertainment Centre, the centrepiece of their productions during the WYD.

The local OB provider, Cutting Edge, was capable, dedicated and well equipped - but it did take a while for the Australians and the Italians to get in sync over this production. TVi assisted with its expertise, but its most important role turned out to be that of "TV cultural interpreter" between the two parties, helping overcome some substantial differences in production styles between operators from the two countries.







"At the Entertainment Centre there were two large 16:9 screens on the stage floor, facing the audience", recalls Claudio Paroli. "The live trasmission was going to Italy in 4:3 - which was fine as long as the camera operators kept that in mind with their framing. Trouble was, there were also some 4:3 videotape items to be played to the audience - leaving two black bars either side of the picture on the floor screens. The OB operator suggested keying in a matte. We got the jpg's of the logos of the organisations taking part in the event, a bit of Photoshop and some fiddling with the number of lines - and saved the day."

Of stars and computers


Sat2000 wanted a few short local stories to play in the body of the concert. TVi found 3 young Italian civil service volunteers working with the local Archdiocese in Brisbane; Brisbane also provided a dancer who had appeared in Channel 7's Dancing with the Stars, while the TVi crew travelled to Canberra for a story on a lay missionary working for a local school and teaching schoolchildren the basics of computers. Which the kids then repeated faithfully - Italian accent included.


"All this is great... but what can you do for us?"

We can organise a live cross between a venue in, say, the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour and a studio anywhere you indicate for a live debate, for instance; we can get you an ENG crew who'll fit your requirements and your budget; provide you with a detailed analysis of your project's feasibility - operational, technical and legal. And do it all fast.

We have some solid credentials when it comes to the logistics of grand events. Going back in time, before the Sydney Olympics and the 2008 WYD, our background includes organising SBSTV's first live coverage of a Soccer World Cup in 1990; project-managing the move of SBSTV's Sydney HQ to its present Artarmon location in 1993; moving Boston University from Maastricht to Brussels in 1995; organising the Sydney end of the 1996 Giostra di Capodanno for RAI International; organising the live coverage of the 1998 World Swimming Championships in Perth.

We can even find you a red phone booth as we did for an Italian movie, Cinque giorni di tempesta. Pity the movie did not do well at the box office.



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