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A small, competent operator
in several areas of television broadcasting

Since the mid-Nineties this company has been involved in the production of television news, current affairs and documentaries, and in the production and the logistics of a number of large TV events. A good chunk of this work was done for RAI of Italy.

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to learn more about each area of activity. You'll find the bulk of our production in the news and current affairs pages. Occasionally we have produced video documents or news items for individual or corporate clients. See, for example, 2009 Pacific rower Alex Bellini's video.

An important sideline is our participation in some high profile qualita-tive strategic market research projects with Italo-French research institute Market Dynamics International, which pioniereed video-reporting with clients such as Adecco, Barilla, Nestlé, Philips, Renault.


TVi Productions is a Proprietary Company limited by shares, NSW-registered since 1995 by Claudio Paroli (pictured right). Its ABN is 47071157661.

Its accountants are ZMPartners of 123 Clarence Street, Sydney. Its bank is the National Australia Bank. Its operational account is BSB 082140 871985255. We accept credit cards and EFTPOS.




...did you say
"The Balmain Massage Centre"?

The Balmain Massage Centre is a natural therapy centre in Balmain, NSW, owned by TVi.
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The "i" in TVi stands for Italy, right?



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