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Some stories just cannot be dealt with in your average "minute-thirty" news story. They require a more complex structure, enaging visuals, appropriate music and so on.

At TVi we've done many such stories. See some samples.



Broadcast news has been a staple ever since TVi's Claudio Paroli was hired by Channel 0 (later SBS-TV) as a reporter a month before the multicultural broadcaster went to air in 1980.

Those were the years of BVU, but some broadcasters such as the ABC were still shooting news on 16mm film. Today, TVi's news stories are shot on Sony SxS flash memory cards by XDCAM-EX3 cameras. DigiBeta is still around though.

In recent years TVi has produced mainly news about the Italian communities in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for the international channel of Italy's public broadcaster RAI.



A documentary can change lives and we produced one that did.

The New Zealand Maori family Sciascia had an Italian ancestor, an experienced sailor who in the 1870s married a part-Maori woman from Foxton, whose Scottish lineage included Rob Roy. The couple had 10 children. The 11th was on its way when Nicolò Sciascia, the lighthouse keeper on Waikawa, the tiniest of islands overlooking the approaches to the Pacific, died gored by a bull.


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