Personal or business video



it does not happen often but...

...but when it happens we can do it.

TVi has concentrated on broadcast television and television events. Occasionally though we're asked to produce a video document - a TVC or a DVD - for a friend (like Alex Bellini), a business such as The Women's College or the Italian Chamber of commerce, or an interesting individual such as Robert Kirby. Yes we can!


The psychologist

Robert Kirby teaches people to get more out of life and themselves. His techniques to get people to let go of obsolete paradigms are worth watching! And it's in English!



The girls

The Women's College within the University of Sydney calls itself "a home away from home". Over more than one hundred years it has been home to some rather special girls.



The pig

Parma - a northern Italian town that lends its name to the noblest cheese of them all, Parmigiano Reggiano. But it's very particular about its prosciutto too.




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