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The Garden of Eden




A real corker

This is a story of faith and perseverance that starts in Northern Italy during WWII and is still going strong more than 65 years later.

Little Eden is a refuge for severely disabled children in Johnnesburg, South Africa. The creation of an Italian woman and her South African husband, met while he was on the run from the Wehrmacht.


story in Italian, no subtitles

It's lovely little town inland from The Great Barrier Reef, connected to Cairns by the quaintest of trains.

Here, a group of Aboriginal schoolchildren from the Tjapukai nation learn Italian.

And the teacher used to play goalkeeper for the Milan football club. Not the one you know, mind.


story in Italian, no subtitles

The French invented it to seal the cheapest stuff. The Italians modified it and expanded the range. But it was the New Zealanders who took to it with relish and passion. After all, the alternative was costing them money and getting in the way of expanding sales.

Today virtually all New Zealand wine is sealed with a screw cup. And an Italian company makes millions of them in Auckland.


story in Italian, no subtitles


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