2000 Sydney Olympics






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The 2000 Sydney Olympics

With some 20 television channels, including satellite DTH and pay, a whole host of radio stations and many webcasts, RAI is a large organisation, and when it covers an event such as the Olympics it moves large numbers of people - and needs a lot of local support. TVi supplied drivers and local producers for crews and for a few well known sportscasters... Our Bianca Bonino will remember for ever Giampiero Galeazzi aka Bisteccone, and he probably remembers Bianca too.

Long before the first RAI journalist landed in Sydney, TVi had been hard at work for RAI Sport, being involved in the accreditation process (even though most of the work had been done through Eurovision), and in fitting out RAI's areas in the International Media Broadcasting Centre in Homebush, from positioning power points to the building of the massive RAI Sport set.

We even introduced a system of meal tickets for the use of RAI staff - which turned out to be a bit of an overkill given the range of food outlets available outside the IMBC - inside, though, the choice was not to the Italians' taste.









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