Qualitative research



When how matters
as much as what


Qualitative research is all about people and their nuances. Not so much whether they like or dislike something, but why and especially how. What the participants in a focus group say or don't say is important, how they say it - or don't say it - is crucial.
The more so with ethnographic interviews.

We convey that how to those who want to know through a film rather than through a PowerPoint or even a video recording.

Videoreporting is nothing new. It's worth mentioning here though that films such as we produce go well beyond a sequence of soundbites from focus group participants. The key is to re-create - with interviews, music, stills, with the use of participants' pretasks - the mood of the crowd, the taste of the first bite of a new product, the excitement of finding just the right word.

Try doing that with a PowerPoint.



Behind the film

The partnership with Market Dynamics International, now approaching 10 years, has been fundamental to TVi's involvement in market research. MDI is a Franco-Italian strategic research institute, a long standing member of Esomar. Its CEO Clara Origlia got Claudio involved in videoreporting some 10 years ago. Both are passionate about the possibilities of film as a tool in strategic market research.

Adecco workspace

Adecco calls itself "the world’s leading provider of HR solutions". It wanted input from some of its 31,000 employees (in more than 60 countries) about its 5,500 offices - and what could be done to improve them.


American Bakery

Italy's number 1 past maker was planning a new bakery product with "American connotations". How would that be greeted?

What did people think of the concept "America"? Would it be a positive or a negative?


Redesigning the telly

What happens when you ask some established designers to re-design your flat screen TV? and what happens when you give the same task to a bunch of young designers not yet out of  the European Design Institute?


SUV anyone?

A multinational carmaker needed to understand people's attitude to Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) vis-à-vis cross-overs and station wagons. It entailed quite a lot of driving all over Milan and a lot of sketching. Under the tightest of deadlines.




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