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Claudio Paroli
Law degree, advertising background, news and current affairs, and former deputy director of SBS World News. All he wants to do in life is to tell stories in pictures and sound.

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Francesco Calderone
Uni drop-out, award-winning filmmaker, producer, director, screenwriter, and TV presenter. All he wants to do in life is to turn ideas into great audiovisual experiences.

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Robert McBobo
PhD in nuclear physics, music video expert, clapperboard enthusiast, former James Bond villain, pisces, and real bear. All he wants to do in life is to be a great placeholder.

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We can get you your ad on TV. We can boost your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other social. We can help you with all sorts of contents for your website.

Do you need a music video? Are you shooting a short film? Are you working on a documentary project? How about a web series?
Wherever there is a story to tell, we're ready to assist you!

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