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Starting out?

Small business that have just started off need careful nurturing - just like small plants need careful watering. We can assist startups to grow by providing, on a regular basis, constantly fresh, evolving content for their social media or websites to meet their agreed goals.

So over a month we might shoot and edit two or three original videos for that business, schedule videos, still images or animated GIFs for posting to Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat, depending on the target market. Perhaps help write a blog entry... The secret is continuity, perseverance. And here we can help with a formula akin to a gym membership - surprisingly affordable, you'll be pleased to learn.

The many faces
of creativity.

Every business is different and needs a different approach. Below you'll find 4 case studies of how we worked with a vet consulting business, a group of educators who opened their fourth location at the end of 2019, a business that resides in an app and two startups which shared a lucky moment.

All of them needed to improve their exposure, had a message to communicate and tight budgets.

Case study

Heart melting stuff.

Never share the stage with children or animals, they say, because they steal the show.

That's certainly the case for Nuzzl, a startup which provides distance advice to vets and pet ownners on how to do with their pets' health issues.

Just have a look at this video and if it doesn't make your heart melt I don't know what could... This was one assignment we relished :).

Case study

The coaches.

Capra Coaching pride themselves in their personalised approach to coaching... Every student has different needs - but is also a different person, and it is essential that coach and student are well matched.

We've just started translating that philosophy into moving pictures, with a number of short one-person talking head videos in which coaches introduce themselves and articulate their styles, areas of competence and approaches to assisting pupils.

Plus a pretty picture general presentation video.

Case study


recyclesmart logo

For several years RecycleSmart has been trying to capture the attention of the wider public with a well thought-out app, which also carries an important civic message: "rubbish matters".

Australia isn't doing especially well in the area of household waste recycling, and RecycleSmart want to change that.

Case study

The gig economy.

Sometime you need a little luck... and this is what happened to  to Anish Sinha and Matteo Pinna. Both of them had started businesses - Anish in insurance, Matteo in education - but with his School of Heroes initiative some time away from profitability, Matteo found it expedient to become a delivery rider.

Anish, for his part, was focusing his startup, called Upcover, towards some aspects of the gig economy. One day they met over a pizza delivery, and started talking. Today they work together.

For their marketing we re-created that first, crucial meeting.